Airfoil Speakers Touch App Reviews

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Great app to use on an old phone

This is a great app to use on an old phone. I use it for another part of my house so I can stream music all around. Sweet app!

No stars if I could!!!

It didn't even open let alone work for me....

Did not work well

I wanted to use this as a receiver hooked up to speakers so that I could play music remotely. It performed very poorly. Lots of gaps in the music, stuttering, warbling of tones - was unusable. My Wifi network is quite strong and has low traffic, so I dont think that's the issue. Also, does not work with 64-bit iTunes, so can't use iTunes

Works great!

First off I must say I never write reviews. But after reading bad reviews of this app I needed to let everyone know they are not true. You need to make sure your wifi network is strong and you should have no issues.


It actually works but the static is hard to ignore in the background, it's louder then the music playing. I noticed there's a slight delay that should be fixed also..

Unreliable, spotty stream

This app sounds great in theory but it is so spotty, the music stream is often interrupted with silent spells that can be quick or long. Airfoil streams my spotify music from my Mac to my Airport Express wonderfully but when I try to stream it to this app on my iPad mini or iPod touch it is highly unreliable and intolerably spotty. I even have Airfoil Speakers on my Mac and when I stream it through the app on the same machine playing it (to get the beats in sync across all devices) even that's spotty. This app needs some stabilization, guys, it would be a great addition if it actually worked.

Not working on iOS 8.1.2

I have an iPhone5s, iPhone6 & an iPad1 all running this app using iOS 8.1.2 (iOS 5 on iPad), all connected to the same wifi network, None of them show up on my Apple TV under AirPlay speakers. However I downloaded and installed the Mac OS version and that does show up. Seems the iOS version isn't working for my Apple TV.

Needs an update!!!

Dear Developers, I really like Aifoil but this App needs an update. It seems you didn't care about this app anymore when I see the small old screen of my old iPhone 4. Please invest some time and provide us with an update soon.

Awesome app.

Many folks have complained about the product -- because it isn't free or because it doesn't work or because it has a lag. The lag, I absolutely agree needs attention. There's likely not too much that can be done about it though since the product virtually aspires to unify all OS and device types on the market. Maybe there is something that could be done to find a delay that would work across all product lines. Either way, I only use it or music, so it doesn't bother me. The free issue: this is a product that someone has poured time and therefore money into -- please respect that fact. I think the $25 I paid for a single license across multiple Macs is awesome. I'd pay it again. And as for it not working -- I had it up and running on an Apple TV, 2 Macs, an iPad Mini, and an iPhone in less than 10 minutes. I found the UI to be very user friendly and intuitive. I'd highly recommend this product, and I would purchase it again myself.

3 Second delay

This variable delay makes it impossible to sync with any other audio output other than music. Will NOT be genuinely usable with video, video games, or user interface cues. This program is only good for music.

Substitutes as a pitch bender

I bought this so I could play my iMac music collection through my iPad. I use Remote to make selections, then connect the iPad to speakers while I'm working. This all takes place on my home network which is very reliable and robust. The problem is that Airfoil will randomly start bending the music off key in a painful manner. When I contacted them, they said that it would do that if you had network problems. Well, I'd like to point out that the same issue applies to other streaming applications like Pandora et al., and they can handle latency and reduced bandwidth WITHOUT pitch bending the crap out of the music. I think this is just bad code - and poorly thought out algorithms. Clearly, this app works for some people - but for me the app is a bust.

battery Drain

This app is useful, but it drains the battery more quickly. Since the update to iOS 7.1, it has been killing my almost new iPhone battery in about 45 minutes. I hope they fix this, but doubt it, given how infrequently the app is updated. Also, the wow and flutter in this program is extreme.


It doesn't work anymore after upgrading to 10.9. I've upgraded to the latest version of Airfoil on my Mac and have tried the app on my iPod Touch 4, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 2. I'm so disappointed this app seems to have stopped being supported. There isn't even a four inch screen yet

Fine for music, not general audio

I was hoping to use this app to basically set up wireless headphones for my Mac. I would plug the headphones into my iPhone, run this app and its companion OS X software, and it should work in theory. In practice, there is a 2-3 second lag, so if you want to listen to music, that's fine, but if you want to do anything else (watch video, Skype, etc.) it's unusable. Maybe there's a technical limitation that makes it so laggy, but I don't know what that might be, since wifi is so much faster than Bluetooth, and there's minimal lag with Bluetooth...

Hasn't been updated.

This app hasn't been updated for background audio or the larger screen size. I think part of the problem is the ridiculous absurdity of the app review process that has caused issues for them in the past. Rogue Amoeba: update your stuff. Apple: don't be idiots in rejecting apps.

Great! Needs more iOS and iPhone 5 support

Needs more iOS and iPhone 5 support. Otherwise, it's great!


The app is alright, but I don't see why you'd need to use headphones with your iphone. There should be an option to play just through the iPhone's speaker without headphones. Also, there is a noticeable delay. The app works as listed but doesn't work for what most people are trying to do, I believe.

One of my most used apps

I've been a loyal Airfoil user since 2006, using the apps for PC and Mac. When this came out, I suddenly had 2 more Airport Expresses. Love it. One of the most useful apps on my iOS devices.

A joke

It isn't in sync and it has static after ten minutes. It's not worth the download to try it out much less pay the 25.

Doesn't work

Tried using this app to stream over a wifi network with airfoil on my laptop, but this app doesn't see the laptop. Waste of time

Makes house stereo

Airfoil Speakers along with Airfoil does exactly what I want. It streams the audio output from one computer to other computers audio output in synch. I have multiple computers in different rooms of my house and listen to streaming radio. With Airfoil as I move from room to room the audio is in synch just as if I had multiple radios tuned to the same station. I also use it with my iPod and Apple TV. I rate this at 5 stars.

Never worked

Never worked on iPad or iPhone, Disappointing.

2-second Delay for Windows

Great app, does just what I want. If you are using it with windows though, there is a 2-sec delay.

Great solution

This is a great solution to filling your home with music, and the more devies and audio systems you have the better it is. Fully 5 stars when the software system improves over time to avoid occasional stutters and the lag decreases, stuff I hope improves over time, at least. I have wanted a solution to this problem ever since I moved into a place with more than 1 room. I can now host parties properly... Of note, my main cpomputer (that feeds my main audio system) is a windows PC and I use MediaMonkey. There is an awesome remote for media monkey called monkeymote. With my stuff all up and running I can use an iphone or an ipad to browse the music library and control playback and volume for audio feed, which means I can turn the volume up and down for the whole house, from my ipad, at will... from anywhere in my wifi zone. $25 is a lot for an app, but this is so great it is actually worth it.


I hated it because it didn't work at all 👎


This app is a bit tricky to get working but then once it does, the audio sounds like crap with all the static. People say it didnt bother them but I don't know how it didn't! The status was twice as loud as the music

Not working

Doesn't work for me.

Works as advertised

I can stream my MacBook music wirelessly to my iPhone or iPad mini which I have plugged into my home stereo. It's like having a mobile airport express. Audio quality is as good as I'm used to and the app runs in the background. Thank you Roque Amboeba for a great app.

No Good.

Since I use my iPhone's hotspot to my Mac. The app says I need wi-fi and because I use the hotspot it doesn't count as the wi-fi to my phone. Laamee!👎

Thank you for this!

I am now finally able to have a party with the same music playing everywhere in my house and guest house. Love it! Fair warning you have to pay $25 to be able to use. Well worth it.

My absolute favorite Mac program!

This is absolutely my favorite Mac program! To have the ability to convert an older sound dock to a wireless speaker is great! It’s nice to be able to stream music throughout the house, for example and enjoy synchronized music streaming into every room. Do it inexpensively and enjoy your favorite music!

Absolutely Excellent

This solution is awesome! Gives Sonos a serious run for the money! Good job Devs! My only complaint, some devices do have lag that is not heard when using Apples Remote app for iTunes shares. Still, minor issue considering the cost ;)


It was hard for me to see a use scenario for this -- my house has speakers attached to airport routers, and an iPhone can basically receive any sound a computer can, so why stream audio from another computer? But there is a use for this after all -- streaming albums from Google Music when quiet is otherwise needed in the house (sleeping kids!).

Make a remote for Airfoil

This app does a decent job at turning your iDevice to an airfoil speaker. The sound seems to be low bit rate and it often chops. Even more than streaming songs to my phone I would however love to see a remote for Airfoil. I often find myself having to go to the main computer in the living room to change the sound source setting and/or changing the levels of the speakers in the different rooms. Would much rather stay put and do it from the phone. There is a third party app doing this which charges a few bucks but I feel that since I already paid for Airfoil I should get it for free. If I have to pay for it I'd rather have the money go to Rogue Amoeba since they should be more likely to keep it running well.

Not really free and functional


Good App

I like that it does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is play music from airfoil. It would be good to show the song information in the lock screen.


This is a great, one of the only ones I've seen that actually let's me stream to other iOS devices. The only problem I have with this app is when I try to stream audio from an Apple TV, it picks up the audio for about one second and then drops the audio and i cant here nothing else and the screen is at the point where it is waiting for an incoming connection.

Not Really "Free"

One star, because I am getting weary of all the misleading "free" apps. This one requires purchase of a $25 app to run on the PC side. Would be OK if they just said so in the description, vs. not telling you until after you already downloaded & started up the app. And yes, it is a big deal when you have an Internet service that gives you a monthly data allocation.

Nice App, needs a little work

A little tricky to get configured correctly, but useful once you get the hang of it. PC App is a bit expensive, though.

Just what I needed!

Purchasing Airfoil was money well spend. I'd been looking for something like this for quite some time and tried different kind of apps, but none worked as great as this. I can now play music from my Mac on my iPhone which is connected to a stereo set. Absolutely recommend Airfoil!

Would love it more if....

If I can control my music without it playing on my iPhone that would be amazing! Other than that... Love the setup! Also the sound quality seems to degrade comparing to playing music without airfoil :(

Just works

I'm an daily user of Airfoil on my home Macs & Windows machines. Sometimes it is handy to send audio to an iOS device, for sure. Someone incorrectly stated below that it does not support multitasking. It DOES indeed continue to stream if the app is in the background or the screen is locked. Great stuff.

Exactly as advertised!

Love it


Works as advertised. Note you need the Airfoil app for OS X. If you are streaming video to a TV and want to listen to the audio via an iOS device and headphones, you'll need to apply a -2000ms delay to your audio to account for AirPlay buffering. If using VLC, you can do this with the 'f' and 'g' keys. I've pretty much retired my surround sound system in favor of using this app when watching films!

Sounds are delayed(lag)



First: you need to purchase airfoil for Mac ($25) Run airfoil on your Mac. Select iTunes as the source. Broadcast your music library anywhere in perfect synchronization! I had some problems with the pitch bending that others have mentioned. I emailed customer service on a Sunday, and they replied within hours! They helped me determine that my network traffic was to blame. I have 21 devices connected to my wifi, so I updated my router (almost 8 years old) to a new airport extreme and everything works 10x faster! So here is what I can do: play music from iTunes from my main computer and use airfoil and this app to broadcast to: an old iPhone connected to a boom box, two airport express units connected to two different stereo systems, two apple tv's connected to surround sound systems in different rooms, my new iPhone 4s to an outdoor speaker system (when I am outside), my iPad in my bedroom and an older iMac in a loft. THAT'S 8 ROOMS OF MUSIC PLUS OUTSIDE! Each location can be turned on or off (the sound anyway, not the stereo system) from airfoil and the volume of each location can be independently adjusted. 5 stars for this app, 5 stars for airfoil ($25), and 5 stars for customer service!

Add Streaming from iOS Devices

I had this app a while ago and purchased the in app upgrade to stream from iOS devices directly. This feature was removed in a later update. I ask that you add it back in cuz I'm sure a lot of people paid for it and lost it. It was a great feature even with the static on iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

Doesn't multitask.

love airfoil and airfoil speakers for multi room audio, and I thought this app might mean I could avoid getting another airport express or AirPlay speakers. But it seems to have a major flaw. Maybe I'm missing something, but it only streams audio when the app is in the foreground and the screen is active. If I lock my screen, or change apps, it drops the audio streaming. If I check my airfoil audio source the phone no longer shows in the list of devices.


By far the coolest all I've used. I literally had 11 devices connected as speakers in the house within an hour (windows, Mac, iOS, and appletv). Would have been 12 if it worked on the 1st gen iPod touch. Great work.

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